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What is the depth of the waterproof pocket? 

Our waterproof pockets are waterproof up to 30M/100 feet deep.

What standards do your Hermetic Fidlock Dry Bags Meet?

  • Waterproof IPX-8
  • Air & Gas Tight
  • Sand & Dust
  • Odor proof
  • Shatter proof
  • Thief & pick pocket proof
  • Child proof 
  • Antibacterial ISO 22196
  • Food grade 

How does the waterproof pocket seal? 

Our waterproof pockets seal air, water, gas tight just by letting go! Our waterproof pocket closure has 3 strips of neo rare earth magnets that creates the water, air, gas tight seal!

How big is the waterproof pocket?

Our waterproof pockets are large enough to fit a large mobile phone (Ex: iPhone 14 max), money clip or wallet, or a set of keys.

How big is the auto sealing backpack dry bag?

Our auto sealing backpack dry bags has a 25-litre waterproof compartment that houses a mesh pocket, a large removable pouch with two pockets inside the pouch, and they have 3 pockets on the outside with 2 carabiner hooks on the backpack straps.

Does the auto sealing backpack dry bag float? 

Yes, our waterproof auto sealing backpack dry bags will trap air inside the waterproof compartment which allows the dry bag to float. Our backpack dry bag will even keep yourself above water acting as buoy.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, we offer an 18-month warranty on all our swimwear against manufacturing faults and a lifetime warranty on all our Fidlock Dry bags and Dry Pocket Apparel products. Our warranty covers the cost of your purchase and shipping only.

How do the waterproof pockets, backpack dry bags, and coolers seal air, water, gas tight?

Our waterproof technology consists of TPU material that encases 3 strips of neo rare earth magnets that create the water, air, gas tight seal. All you have to do is let go, and watch our waterproof pockets seal air tight in under a second.

How many cans can the auto sealing tote cooler carry?

Our auto sealing tote cooler can hold up to 20 cans with no ice and 14 lbs of ice with no cans.

How many cans can the auto sealing backpack cooler carry?

Our auto sealing backpack coolers can hold up to 24 cans with no ice and 16 lbs of ice with no cans.

Are neodymium magnets poisonous?

Many elements are toxic in their pure form, but when combined with certain substances they become harmless. The neodymium in our magnets forms a compound with iron and boron, among others. In addition, all magnets are provided with a zinc layer and enclosed with an epoxy layer.

On the one hand, this protects the magnets from corrosion, and on the other hand, it prevents the magnets from coming loose.

Do the magnets in the fasteners "radiate" and harm my body?

No. A static magnetic field does not transport energy and does not affect your body. (In contrary to electromagnetic waves, known from microwaves, which are a moving magnetic field and can transport a lot of energy.)

Can our magnetic fasteners withstand freezing temperatures of around -25 °C?

Our magnetic fasteners can withstand sub-zero temperatures. However, at around -25 °C, the breaking load of the plastic that encases the magnets decreases. Therefore, we do not recommend usage in extreme temperatures below -25 °C.

Where does everything ship out of?

All of our products ship out of Mullumbimby, NSW.