We offer the world's best range of 100% Waterproof Storage Solutions for your valuables. Our mission is to give you 100% peace of mind that your valuables are safe, secure, and completely dry so you can travel and explore the world and be able to focus 100% on having fun outdoors.

Gone are the days where you worry about theft or water-damaged valuables or not being able to enjoy fully as a family or group because someone needs to stay guarding your items!"

No more lost keys in the sand and no more sore necks from constantly checking on your valuables.100% peace of mind to enjoy whatever water activities you love.

Whether you are swimming, surfing, body boarding, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, running, cycling, skiing, backpacking, lying on an exotic tropical beach or enjoying waterparks we have solutions for you to keep your valuables safe and dry.

We have the world’s best waterproof brands from around the world to offer the highest quality and innovation from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

With patented hermetic automatically self-closing seals our products are guaranteed to keep your car keys, smartphone, credit cards, cash, passport, and whatever other valuables you wish to stash 100% dry and safe. Safe and waterproof to 30m!

Our Australian design team are innovating and testing new waterproof storage solutions for surfers, swimmers, runners, and global adventurers and travellers.