Father and son duo Graham and Calum have
lived and worked in 5 continents all over the world, including spending
significant time in developing countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Morocco
and Colombia where single father Graham got tired of never being able to safely
store his belongings whilst enjoying tropical beaches and body boarding with
his children.

Graham found himself constantly worrying
whilst swimming or running and hiking where to store his valuables or whether
his phone would make it through a sudden tropical monsoon downpour whilst
endurance training (i.e., multiple drenched smartphones needing
replacement!!)  Graham’s patience came to
an end when on consecutive months, he had valuables stolen on beaches in Sri
Lanka and Thailand whilst swimming in irresistible waters.

From there our journey started and Graham
set out to design and source products that offered waterproof solutions, giving
travellers, explorers, swimmers, beach goers, outdoors enthusiasts and surfers
complete security of belongings and peace of mind whilst doing what they love
around the world.

Calum had the same frustrations during his
frequent travels and holidays in Asia and Europe and with his passion for
continuous improvement, joined forces with his father to seek out solutions that
would help others travel and explore with confidence.

Thus, AquaStash Solutions was created
seeking to develop and source the world’s best waterproof storage solutions so
that never again would we or you have to waste time in paradise worrying or
having holidays and adventures ruined.