ISPO Award: HERMETIC hydration bladder from Fidlock

ISPO Award: HERMETIC hydration bladder from Fidlock

Hydration bladders are a practical accessory for many outdoor sports. The range of different products is correspondingly diverse. The HERMETIC hydration bladder is the first hydration bladder with a fully automatic magnetic closure and was awarded at the 3rd jury meeting of the ISPO Awards 2022.


Regular hydration is a must during physical exertion. Whether one uses a hydration bladder or a water bottle for this purpose depends on personal preference. Athletes who prefer drinking from the bladder carried in their backpack should take a closer look at Fidlock's hydration bladder and its clever closure system.
Conventional hydration bladders are closed at the top opening after filling with screw or clamp closures. With the hydration bladder, a magnetic closure takes over this task. After the liquid has been filled into the bladder, the magnetic bar closes fully automatically. This simplifies handling enormously and you do not run the risk of unintentional leakage of liquid when closing the full hydration bladder.

A snap closure on the bag flap, which is also magnetic and can be operated with one hand, provides additional protection and prevents accidental opening. Even when dropped on the back, where the hydration bladder is exposed to high mechanical pressure, it keeps tight.

The three magnetic closure strips that run across the entire width of the hydration bladder offer another advantage. The large opening not only makes the bladder easy to fill and empty, but also to clean and dry.

"We are delighted that our innovation has found favor in the industry and is attracting even more attention thanks to the award," emphasizes Joachim Fiedler, the founder of Fidlock.

Patented and proven many times over

In 2016, Fidlock founder Joachim Fiedler caused a sensation in the sporting goods industry for the first time. With the "TWIST bottle", Fidlock introduced a magnet-mechanical holder for bicycle drinking bottles, which makes the otherwise usual drinking bottle basket on the frame superfluous. The success of the "TWIST bottle" motivated Fiedler to transfer the principle of magnetic connections to other outdoor accessories. Today, Fidlock's product range includes cell phone holders, bike bags, waterproof protective covers and transport bags.  

"With our products, we want to turn the brief, inconspicuous moment of opening and closing into an intuitive, surprising experience. Whether helmet or shoe, bag or satchel - the areas of application for our patented closure concepts based on magnetic-mechanical technology are diverse," explains Fiedler. 

The company now holds 400 patents from 65 patent families and is represented by 60 distribution partners in over 40 countries worldwide. The European Patent Office has nominated Joachim Fiedler and his magnet-mechanical closure solutions for the European Inventor Award 2022.

"The HERMETIC hydration bladder primarily serves as a constant water supply with sufficient volume for the amateur athlete to the athlete. The patented magnetic closure technology additionally creates immense advantages, especially when filling, cleaning and closing. Thanks to the very high-quality and innovative materials in detail, the first-class processing quality and the supporting functionality, not only the durability and an added value, but also a reliable and safe feeling is created when biking, hiking, climbing or running."
Timo Severain, B2C Product Manager

Three reasons why the HERMETIC hydration bladder won over the ISPO Award jury

  • Easy closure without manual locking, shifting or clicking
  • Large opening for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Tight closure that can withstand high mechanical pressure during falls
"Fidlock has provided a great example here of how to make proven products even better with new technologies. The closure closes very easily and super fast. The large opening makes it very easy to fill and clean the hydration bladder."
Dr. Regina Henkel, ISPO Award Jury Member and Editor

Key Data:

  • available in 1.5L and 2.5L volumes
  • BPA free and tasteless material (TPU)
  • replaceable drinking tube 
  • Field of application: outdoor activities, biking, hiking, climbing, jogging and trail running
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