Sports Accessories with Patented Gooper Technology

Experience the innovative closure of the HERMETIC cases and dry bags: the three magnet bars close automatically and seal completely hermetically. This is the patented Gooper technology.

The high-quality materials are so perfectly coordinated that there is no space for any dust between them. Reliable welding goes without saying. This combination makes the bags waterproof to a depth of 30 meters!

Waterproof Pockets
100% Waterproof to 30m
Magnetic Auto Seal
Foolproof Auto Closing Seal
18 Month Product Warranty
100% No Worries
Patented Tech backed by NASA
Guaranteed water, gas & air tight

Collection: Fidlock

Welcome to our collection of Dry Bags, Sling Bags & Sports Accessories - your destination for versatile and waterproof gear designed to keep your essentials safe and dry in any environment.

Explore our range of waterproof pouches and phone pouches tailored to fit your phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables. Whether you're hiking, biking, or lounging by the pool, our waterproof pouches provide maximum protection against water, sand, and dirt while keeping your essentials easily accessible. With secure closures and durable materials, our pouches are perfect for outdoor adventures and everyday use.

Stay connected and active with our selection of phone armbands. Designed for comfort and convenience, our armbands securely hold your phone in place while you exercise, allowing you to listen to music, track your workouts, and stay connected on the go. With adjustable straps and sweat-resistant materials, our armbands are perfect for running, cycling, and other fitness activities.

In addition to our phone accessories, we also offer a variety of sling bags and sports accessories to enhance your active lifestyle. From compact sling bags for storing your essentials on the go to hydration packs and fitness trackers for optimizing your workouts, our sports accessories are designed to help you stay organized and perform at your best, no matter the activity.

Explore our collection of Dry Bags, Sling Bags & Sports Accessories today and discover the perfect gear to accompany you on your next adventure!

Waterproof Case FAQ

  1. What is a waterproof case? A waterproof case is a protective enclosure designed to keep your electronic devices, such as smartphones, safe from water damage. These cases are ideal for outdoor activities like swimming, kayaking, or hiking in wet conditions. They create a secure, watertight barrier that prevents water from entering and damaging your device.

  2. Which waterproof phone case is the best? The best waterproof phone case is one that offers the highest level of water protection and reliability. Look for cases with a high waterproof rating, such as IPX8, which indicates they can withstand submersion in water beyond 1 meter. Our waterproof cases, featuring the innovative Gooper magnetic sealing technology, ensure your device remains safe and dry, providing peace of mind during any water activity.

  3. How waterproof are the cases? Our waterproof cases are highly waterproof, adhering to the IPX8 standard. This means they can protect your devices at depths of up to 30 meters, making them perfect for a variety of water-related activities. Whether you're swimming, snorkeling, or simply caught in a rainstorm, our cases ensure your devices stay completely dry.

  4. How do you open and close the waterproof case? Our waterproof cases use patented Gooper technology, featuring a magnetic sealing system. To open, simply pull apart the magnetic seals. To close, let the magnets snap back together, ensuring a secure and watertight seal. This technology makes our cases much easier to use and more reliable than traditional zip-lock or clamp-seal designs used by competitors.